3D Library contains a stunning collection of fine three-dimensional
designs of jewellery and its components in Rhinoceros 3.0 file format.
With this powerful 3D Library, you can produce your own jewellery
design without any difficulty and grasp the idea of how to use the three
dimensional CAD system to design your beloved jewellery.

3D Library brings to you the following benefits:
ĦE Create your 3D jewellery design with ease
ĦE Shorten the time required for jewellery design significantly
ĦE Provide many stylish 3D jewellery designs for reference
ĦE Offer lots of jewellery components in 3D file format

Price: US $60 / HK $468

Registration: www.jewelleryhk.com/register.html
Free Upgrade: www.jewelleryhk.com/upgrade.html (get extra 50 designs after registration)
Library File format: 3dm (in Rhinoceros 3.0), STL, IGES, Parasoild and Bitmap.

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