Deskproto - Desktop Prototyping

Advantages of Rapid Prototyping:
- Saving of time during the design process: an earlier product introduction will give you an important time advantage over the competition
- Saving of money by automatically creating prototypes instead of by hand
- Improving product quality by testing and improving the design in an early stage of the design process, long before production tooling
- Improving communication within the design team and with third parties

Advantages of NC milling versus layer oriented techniques:
- Affordable machines make it possible to create the prototypes in house, much faster than by a service bureau: interactive prototyping
- No problems with STL files that contain inconsistencies like cracks, self-intersecting surfaces and orphan surfaces
- Large prototypes can be easily produced, using a large CNC milling machine or by combining separate parts or separate layers.
- Lower price per prototype
- Free choice of materials
- Free choice of accuracy: a higher accuracy than stereolithography is easy because with NC milling the prototype does not deform after creation
- Easy transfer to production tooling, which will also be done using NC milling

Advantages of DeskProto versus conventional CAM software:
- Easier to be used: while conventional CAM software requires a trained CNC operator to correctly set all parameters, DeskProto can be operated by a designer without CNC training
- Faster operation: while using conventional CAM software it takes hours of work to create and test the milling paths, DeskProto does the job fast, fully automatically and completely reliable
- Price: DeskProto is much cheaper than any other 3D CAM software

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