3DESIGN CAD is the most appropriate software for 3D real-time jewelry and graphic object creation. It allows users to create and produce unique pieces and collections in a matter of days thanks to a pleasant and intuitive interface.

Because 3DESIGN CAD is dedicated to jewelers, it is a multi-platform tool developed for PC, Mac and Linux.

The realistic pre-visualization of the 3D object facilitates designers' work. 3DESIGN CAD is the perfect fit for professional jewelers as it combines an impressive Part module along with a powerful Sketch module. It encompasses all the assets and flexibility professionals need, to name just a few:

  • A contextual online help system
  • Your Favorite tools available right at hand
  • Detailed properties of each icon for rapid use
  • An easy setting of the work environment into one, two, three or even four views
  • Dedicated jewelers' tools and functions
  • Parametric and historic construction tree.

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